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【Smart Mode】How to choose page type and pagination

2019-01-29 20:08:26

Abstract:This tutorial mainly introduces how to set the page type and paging conditions in smart mode. No Programming Needed. Visual Operation. ScrapeStormFree Download

In Smart Mode, ScrapeStorm will recognize by list-type by default. If you enter a single-page type, a recognition error will occur at this time; or for other reasons, even for list-type pages, intelligent recognition has a bias(we will always optimize the intelligent recognition function). At this point you can manually select the page type and set the pagination to help the software recognize the correct result.

1. Select the page type
The menu location for selecting the page type is shown below.
For a detailed description of the single-type, please click here.
For a detailed description of the list-type, please click here.

2. Pagination settings

The menu position of the pagination setting is as shown below.
Specific settings include:

(1) Page Button

ⅰ: Auto Detect

Click to automatically identify the paging button in the page.

ⅱ: Select Button

Manually select the next page button in the page.

ⅲ: Edit XPath

For users who understand XPath, the XPath allows the software to recognize the location of the next page button.

(2) Sroll to Load

Suitable for web pages without the next button, the software automatically scrolls the content.

(3) None

Suitable for web pages without the next page, such as a single type of web page.

3. Max Page

(1) Set max page

If you need to scrape until the last page, then choose Unlimited, if you only need to scrape a part of the number of pages, then set max page number.

(2) Set stop triggers

We can also set task stop triggers. When the field meets a certain condition, it will stop scraping