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【Smart Mode】How to configure the scraping task

2019-09-04 17:02:51

Abstract:This tutorial shows you how to configure the scraping task. No Programming Needed. Visual Operation. ScrapeStormFree Download

Smart Mode can automatically identify web data. After the recognition is completed, users can click Start to configure the task in the launch taskbar.

Specific settings include Schedule, Anti-Block, Automatic Export, Download Images and Speed Boost, as shown in the following figure:

1. Schedule
Click here to learn more about Schedule.

2. Anti-Block

(1) Delay(s)

Some pages are slow to open and sometimes affect the effect of extraction. Users can set a waiting time, which can effectively improve the quality of the extraction.The system default wait time is 1 second, and the user can modify it according to requirements.

(2) Only extract visible elements
Some websites will mix valid data with invalid data, and invalid data is hidden data. Checking this option will solve the problem.

P.S. If the websites does not use the above anti-scraping measure, the hidden valid data may not be scraped, please use it carefully.

(3) Load page info one by one
The page info of some websites needs to be scrolled to the page into position to display. Check the option to download the page info.

P.S. Checking this option will affect the scrape speed. Please use it carefully.

(4) Switch browser regularly

By setting the timing switch browser version, the anti-blocking effect can be achieved, and a switching cycle can be freely selected to switch the browser version.

(5)  Clear cookies regularly
By setting the timing to clear the cookies, the anti-blocking effect can be achieved, and the cycle can be freely selected to clear the cookies.

3. Automatic Export

Click here to learn more about Automatic Export.

4.Download Images

Click here to learn more about Download Images.

5.Speed Boost

Click here to learn more about Speed Boost.