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【Smart Mode】How to turn pages

2018-12-17 16:56:47

Abstract:This tutorial mainly introduces how to implement page turning in smart mode.

In Smart Mode, ScrapeStorm automatically recognizes “next page” for page turning. However, when encountering some special web pages, the automatic page turning in smart mode is not very good, and the paging button may not be recognized.

Under the premise that it is not recognized, the user can manually set the page button to scrape the next page.

1. Unable to automatically recognize page button

Some web pages have a next page button, but the smart mode may not recognize this button. At this point, the software will remind you “Can’t find next page button, please select manually”.

In this case, you can manually set the pagination, select “Pagination -> Manual Select -> Select Page Button“, and then click the page button on the web page.

2. No page button, you need to scroll to load content

When browsing a web page, sometimes it is not by clicking the next page but by scrolling to load more content. In this case, we can manually set the pagination: “Pagination -> Manually select -> Scroll to load “.

3. No page button, you need to click before scroll

Some webpages require scrolling to display the page of the next page button. Or the next page button has been displayed, but the current web page content is not displayed, and the entire content of the current web page will be displayed after scrolling and loading.

In this case, we can manually set the “Pagination -> Manually Select -> Scroll before Click“.