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【Data Release】Publish to database

2018-09-28 19:20:11

Abstract:This tutorial shows how to export to database. ScrapeStormFree Download

ScrapeStorm provides a variety of export methods. If you need to publish the scraped data to the database, you can export it as follows.

First step:
After the data is extracted, select the Database option on the export interface.

Second step:
Select a database to create a new configuration or use a previously configured database.

When creating a new configuration, first select the database type, then enter the database address, port, username, password.

After the database is configured, you can test it to see if the database can be successfully connected.

Third step:
Click “Save and Next” to set the field mapping.

ⅰ. If the single data published to the database is too large, it may cause the publishing to fail. In this case, you can adjust the parameters such as the size and connection time of the database buffer.

ⅱ.To ensure that the data can be released normally, please check if your database field type can store the data of the corresponding field (the default is text type).

ⅲ. The data target field is unique, and the duplicate setting field cannot release data normally.

Fourth step:
Click “Save and Next” and click “Export“.
There is a check box in the export data interface. If you check the error, you will directly terminate the export. If you encounter more error messages, it is recommended not to check this box, you can view the specific error information to modify.

Fifth step:
View exported data results.