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【Smart Mode】What is Scrape Into

2019-09-04 17:02:35

Abstract:This tutorial introduces what is "Scrape Into". ScrapeStormFree Download

Smart Mode automatically recognizes the list page URL, but the data displayed on the list page may not be complete enough, and some data is only displayed on the details page.In order to scrape the data on the detail page, the ScrapeStorm team developed the “Scrape Into” feature.

“Scrape Into” is used to capture the fields on the detail page by jumping from the list page to the details page when the user needs the data on the detail page.


1. Click “Scrape Into” directly.

This method is applicable to the case where there is only one link in the field.

2. Select the link you want to scrape, and then click “Scrape Into”.

If there are multiple link fields, an error message will appear when you click the “Scrape Into” button directly. The user must first select the desired link field.

3. Click the link directly to the detail page.