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【Flowchart Mode】What is "Sync to Database"

2018-10-15 19:26:03

Abstract:This tutorial shows you how to sync to the database and how to set up the sync to database function for data scraping.

Sync to Database is an advanced feature that allows users to automatically publish data to the database. That is, during the running of the task, each new data is automatically exported to the database, and the data does not need to be exported until the task is finished.

Users of Professional Plan and above can use the Sync to Database function. Click “Start” in the lower right corner to open the Sync to Database setting interface.

You can also choose to manually publish to the database, please click the link →_→ Publish to database.

The specific settings for “Sync to Database” are as follows:

1. Directly select the database that has been set up
Check “Sync to Database”, the user can directly click on the set database in the list box.

2. Configure a new database
You can also click “Add Conn” to open the database to configure a new database.

When creating a new database, you can either create new connection to set the database data.

You can also select the previously saved database connection and modify it on this basis. After the setting is completed, you can test whether the connection is successful.

After the connection is successful, click “Save & Next”.

The newly set database connection, because the data is not extracted, the field mapping setting cannot be performed, the following error will occur, and the automatic synchronization to the database function will not work properly.

Before using the new connection, you need to run the scraping task before modifying the connection. In the field mapping part, the field is set according to the attribute of the field. The same field can only be set once, and the setting cannot be repeated.

After the field setting is successful, click “Save & Next”.

When exporting the interface, choose not to export, cancel directly, so the new database connection is set.

Sync to Database function and Scheduled Job function can greatly improve user’s work efficiency and save users’ time. It is especially suitable for users who need to scrape data for a period of time.