Visual Web Scraper
The Simplest and Smartest Web Scraper ever.
Based on artificial intelligence algorithms,
even point and click are not needed.
We have prepared everything you need for web scraping
Intelligent Identification
Automatically identify web content and pagination, just enter the URL, no configuration required
Powerful and Automatically
Any content that can be viewed on a WebPage can be scraped, such as Text, Image, Email, Address, Phone number, etc.
Multiple Export Formats
Download your scraped data in any format, such as Excel, CSV, TXT, HTML, Database and WordPress
Support File download
Download Image, Video, Audio, Document and other format files
Scheduled Scraping
Schedule data extractions Minutely, Hourly, Daily, Weekly. Monitor the latest data in real time.
IP Rotation
Automatic IP rotation to prevent your IP from being exposed and blocked.
API and Webhook
Integrate your extracted data any where through our API and Webhook.
Data Processing
Merge Fields, Find and Replace, Add Prefix, Add Suffix, Remove HTML Tags, Regular Expression, etc.
Web Data Scraping is Easier than You Think