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【Flowchart Mode】What is Scheduled Job

2018-10-15 19:26:12

Abstract:This tutorial demonstrates what is Scheduled Job, how to set the Scheduled Job function to extract data.

Scheduled Job function of ScrapeStorm is an advanced function. By using this function, the user can set a fixed start and stop time point for the scraping task, and periodically perform data scraping according to this time point.

Click “Start” in the lower right corner to set the Scheduled Job function.

1. Scraping data at a fixed time
Ordinary users can set a fixed start date, start time, and end time to run tasks and extract data.

2. Scraping data in a fixed cycle
Premium Plan and above users, in addition to setting a fixed time point to scrape data, can also set a fixed cycle to scrape data, users can choose different cycle time to scrape data.

The function of fixed cycle scraping data is especially suitable for users who need to monitor data within a certain period. With Sync to Database  function, automatic scraping can be automatically exported, which greatly improves user efficiency and saves users’ time.