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Popular programming tools in 2022 | Web Scraping Tool | ScrapeStorm

2022-06-02 13:33:35

Abstract:This article will introduce popular programming tools in 2022. ScrapeStormFree Download

There are a large number of software development tools on the market, and choosing the best software development tools or development aids can help us greatly improve coding efficiency.

Next we will share 25 popular programming tools.

CodePad: Quickly conduct coding interviews and telephone screen interviews.

CodePen: Front-end developer playground and code editor in the browser

Crontab Guru: A quick and simple editor for cron scheduled expressions

Devicons: Developer Icon Cheat Sheet A drawing tool for easily creating designs and UML.

FreeFor.Dev: List of free resources and tools

regex101: Online Regular Expression Tester and Debugger: PHP, PCRE, Python, Golang, JavaScript

regexr: Another online tool for learning, building and testing regular expressions

Wit AI: Natural language for developers

SaaS Design: A collection of open source Figma UI design templates for your next project.

Seymour: Live programming class

Code share: Share code to other developers in real time

Solid Tools for Developers: Online debugging tools for developers and system administrators

OS Query: Easily ask questions about Linux, Windows, and macOS infrastructure

LaunchPad: Apollo launch pad for testing GraphQl queries

GraphOnline: A handy tool for visualizing graphs

Data Structure Visualization: The perfect website for visually learning algorithms

IDE Onlang: You can write in one language and get the same results in other languages.

PullRequest: Code review as a service by scrutinized professional reviewers

Python Visualizer: Step-by-step monitoring of basic Python, Java, C ++, and other code execution. Recommended for new programmers and Canadian computing competitions.

Extends Class: Online developer tools: REST and SOAP clients, SQLite browsers, testers (Regex, XPath, JSONPath) and other tools (encoders, converters, formatters)

SVG Path Editor: Online and open source SVG Path Editor.

EmailDrop: Emaildrop is a free disposable email provider. An accessible prototyping tool for different needs.

Svgator: Animates svg graphically. It’s like a video editor, but for svg.

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