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【Smart Mode】How to download images | Web Scraping Tool | ScrapeStorm

2021-07-15 17:18:44

Abstract:This tutorial will show you how to download images. No Programming Needed. Visual Operation. ScrapeStormFree Download

In the process of web scraping, sometimes we need to extract the images in the web page, such as the image of the e-commerce website. At this time, we need to use the download image function.

There are two ways to download images:

1. Add one by one

Add a field and then click on the image which needs to be downloaded.

Then right click on the field and modify the extract type to “Image URL”


2. Download multiple images

In this case, the pictures need to be grouped together, and all the pictures can be selected at once.

Add a field and click on the entire image area in the page.

Then right click on the field and modify the extract type to “InnerHTML”.

Next, click “Start”, and then in Run Settings, select “Download Files” and “Image” to open the image download function, and you can set the storage path.

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