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Migu Music( | Web Scraping Tool | ScrapeStorm

2024-05-23 19:31:09

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Migu Music is a new media enterprise established by China Mobile for the mobile Internet field. It is a professional company responsible for the integration of products, operations and services in the music field.

Applicable Scene

Migu Music has a wide range of applicable scenarios, covering almost all life scenarios of users, providing users with diverse music choices and personalized music experience.

Pros: Migu Music has a rich music library and diverse music content, providing a high-quality music playback experience, as well as personalized recommendations and playlist functions to meet the music needs of different users.

Cons: Although Migu Music has rich music resources, its coverage in some niche or independent music fields may not be comprehensive enough, and some advanced features may require paid subscriptions to use.


1. Migu Music’s homepage.

2. Migu Music popular playlist.

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