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5 Best Programming Languages for Children | Web Scraping Tool | ScrapeStorm

2022-10-14 15:56:44

Abstract:This article will introduce 5 best programming languages for children. ScrapeStormFree Download

More parents are looking for children’s programming language. That’s why technology is everywhere, and our lives are centered on technology.

Programming language learning depends on the child’s ability. Children of 5 to 8 years old will be more likely to learn visual programming. If you’re 8 years old, some children will be able to learn text based programming languages.


Basic is the first programming language in the world. This is the first ever programmable coding language to be coded with a personal computer (such as 8088 computers or Commodore 64).

Basic is best if you want your child to start with the easiest programming language.


Alice is an academic program developed by Carnegie Mellon University. Provides a drag and drop environment for creating computer animation using a 3D model. Designed to allow young people to learn programming in 3D.


Blocky is an open source visual tool developed based on JavaScript on the full visualization programming site published by Google. Kids can build applications using figure objects just like Lego. Each graphic object is a code block that can be combined with one simple function to build a program.


Html is not a programming language. Markup language used to create web pages and web applications. It is impossible to display content on the Internet without HTML. Usually, html is rarely used alone, children will learn HTML, and be easier to introduce PHP or JavaScript.


PHP is one of the best programming languages for children. Web sites and web applications are used to make interactive. This is why it is used for most popular content management systems such as Drupal and WordPress. There are also many free tutorials for kids on the site.

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