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2024-05-14 18:59:41

Abstract:Baidu Baipin is an online talent recruitment platform launched by Baidu and officially launched in 2019. ScrapeStormFree Download

ScrapeStorm is a powerful, no-programming, easy-to-use artificial intelligence web scraping tool.


Baidu Baipin is an online talent recruitment platform launched by Baidu and officially launched in 2019. The platform provides enterprises with a series of recruitment solutions such as advertising release, resume search, online interviews, and recruitment management. For job seekers, Baidu Baipin provides rich job information, resume uploading, online delivery and other functions to help job seekers find suitable job opportunities more easily.

Applicable Scene

Baidu Baipin provides enterprises with a variety of recruitment solutions, including posting recruitment advertisements, searching resumes, online interviews, etc., and is suitable for all types of enterprises to recruit talents. Job seekers can browse job information in various industries and fields on Baidu Baipin, upload their resumes and submit them online to improve their job search success rate.

Pros: As a product of Baidu, Baidu Baipin can take advantage of Baidu’s traffic to attract a large number of job seekers and increase the company’s exposure. Baidu Baipin provides a variety of recruitment solutions, including advertising publishing, resume search, online interviews, etc., to meet the recruitment needs of enterprises at different stages. The platform interface is simple and clear, and the operation process is simple and easy to understand. Both companies and job seekers can get started quickly.

Cons: As a member of the talent recruitment industry, Baidu and Baipin face fierce competition from other recruitment platforms and need to continuously innovate and improve to remain competitive. For some small and medium-sized enterprises, the recruitment costs of Baidu and Baipin may be relatively high, and they need to be considered and selected based on the actual situation.


1. Baidu Baipin’s homepage.

2. Baidu Baipin’s search page.

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