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【Getting Started】Introduction to ScrapeStorm | Web Scraping Tool | ScrapeStorm

2019-02-01 10:09:33

Abstract:ScrapeStorm is a new generation of web scraping software developed by the former Google search technology team based on artificial intelligence technology. ScrapeStormFree Download

ScrapeStorm is a new generation of Web Scraping Tool developed by the former Google search technology team based on artificial intelligence technology.

This software is powerful and easy to operate. It is a product tailored for users of non-programming products, operations, sales, finance, news, e-commerce and data analysis, as well as government agencies and academic research.


The software can not only automate the extraction of data, but also clean the data during the extraction process, and can filter various contents such as numbers and e-mail at the data source.

By using this software, users can quickly and accurately obtain massive web data, which completely solves the various problems faced by manual data extraction, reduces the cost of obtaining information, and improves work efficiency.

With industry-leading technology advantages, the software is the first scraper to support both Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

For different basic users, it supports two different scraping modes, which can scrape 99% of web pages.

1. Smart Mode

The operation is extremely simple, just input the URL to intelligently identify the content of the web page, and you can complete the data scraping without configuring any rules.

2. Flowchart Mode

(1) Support for visual web page click operation

Fully in line with the way of manually browsing web pages, users only need to open the extracted website, and automatically generate complex data scraping rules with a few clicks of the mouse;

(2) Support scraping component splicing operation, just like building blocks

By visually encapsulating complex scraping coding processes, developing scraping rules is as simple as building blocks, and can be mastered quickly without a programming foundation.