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5 useful tools for engineers! Introducing recommendations to improve work efficiency | Web Scraping Tool | ScrapeStorm

2024-05-17 14:46:11

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Engineers have to do a huge amount of coding. It’s really tough having to handle other duties and schedule management at the same time. Having the right tools is key to being a successful engineer.

Here are some tools that will help you improve your work efficiency.


“SourceTree” is free Git client software provided by Atlassian. It is a tool for source code management and version control for developers and teams using the version control system called Git. When developers and teams use Git to manage projects, it supports efficient development work by providing a visualized interface and rich functionality.



“Charles” is an HTTP proxy tool for web development and debugging, and a debugging proxy tool for capturing HTTP and HTTPS traffic, visualizing and analyzing communication between networks. This allows web developers and system administrators to observe requests and responses for debugging, testing, performance optimization, and more.



“iTerm2” is a highly functional terminal emulator for macOS, and is an application that allows terminal operations to be performed more comfortably and efficiently. It offers more features than the standard Terminal application. It has rich features such as tab splitting, window splitting, session management, customizable appearance, and script execution.



Navicat is an integrated tool for performing database management and development tasks and supports many major database systems (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Oracle, SQL Server, etc.). Using Navicat, you can efficiently perform tasks such as database structure design, data editing and management, SQL query execution, data modeling, backup and restore.



CodeLF (Code Language Framework) is a tool designed to help find, navigate, and understand code within large source code bases. Key features include finding and querying symbols such as functions, variables, and classes in your codebase, viewing code snippets, and visualizing relationships between code. It can aid in efficient code navigation and understanding, increasing productivity in the development process.


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