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2024-04-25 17:17:53

Abstract:Renren is China's leading real-name social network platform, building an extensive and in-depth social network based on users' real identities. ScrapeStormFree Download

ScrapeStorm is a powerful, no-programming, easy-to-use artificial intelligence web scraping tool.


Renren is China’s leading real-name social network platform, building an extensive and in-depth social network based on users’ real identities. Renren occupies a dominant position in terms of number of users, page views, visits and time spent by users, and has become the preferred platform for many users to share information, exchange ideas and expand their social circles.

Applicable Scene

With its extensive user base, rich social functions and convenient operating experience, Renren is suitable for a variety of social and business scenarios. Whether individual users or corporate users, they can use Renren to achieve effective social interaction and information dissemination.

Pros: Users need to provide real information when registering and pass verification. This authenticity provides a higher degree of trust for interactions between users. The dating model of Renren focuses on “finding old friends and making new friends”. The entire network environment is open and users can easily expand their circle of friends.

Cons: With the rise of other social platforms, Renren is facing pressure from market competition. At the same time, some users reported that the interface design of Renren is outdated and the user experience needs to be improved. In addition, as user needs continue to change, Renren needs to continue to innovate and improve to meet user expectations.


1. Renren login page.

2. Renren personal homepage.

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