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【Smart Mode】How to export the result of extraction

2018-12-06 16:32:41

Abstract:This tutorial shows how to export scraping results in ScrapeStorm.

In the Smart Mode of ScrapeStorm, we export the results in the following ways.

1. Export the scraping result of the foreground running task

If the scraping task is running in the foreground, the software will pop up the “Scraping is stopped” prompt box after the task ends. At this point, we can click the “Export” button to export the scraping result.

Currently, ScrapeStorm supports export of multiple formats, including: Excel2007, Excel2003, CSV, HTML files, TXT files; and supports export to the database.

Professional Plan and above support is posted to the website, currently supports publishing to WordPress, and more website templates continue to be updated.

2. Export the background running task scraping results

If the scraping task runs in the background, the foreground run prompt will not pop up. After the task ends, open the view data interface according to the pop-up box completed by the task in the lower right corner; Or right click on the scraping task, then click “View Data” to open the view data interface, and then export the scraping results.

3. Export the data of the scraped task that has been saved

If it is not a task that runs in real time, but a task that has been run before, for example, we close the software and then reopen the software, and then export the results of a task that has already been run.

In this case, we can right-click the task and click “View Data” to open the view data interface, and then set the export data in the interface, which is the same as the steps in the second case above.