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Evaluation of 5 Web Scraping Tools | Web Scraping Tool | ScrapeStorm

2020-11-03 14:57:49

Abstract:Web scraping tools are developed to get the information you need on your website. This time, I will introduce these five web scraping tools. ScrapeStormFree Download

Web scraping tools are developed to get the information you need on your website. This time, I will introduce these five web scraping tools.

1.Scraper API

Scraper API tools help you manage proxies, browsers and CAPTCHAs. This allows you to retrieve HTML from any web page with a simple API call. Integration is easy because you only need to send a GET request to your API endpoint using your API key and URL.


・ Useful for rendering JavaScript

· Customizable header and request type for each request

· Provide a geographically located rotation proxy

2. FMiner

FMiner is software for web scraping, data extraction, crawlers, and web macro support for Windows and Mac OS. With FMiner, you can quickly master data mining techniques and collect data from a variety of websites, from online product catalogs and real estate classification sites to popular search engines and yellow page directories.


· Design data extraction projects using an easy-to-use visual editor.

· Use a combination of link structure, dropdowns, or URL pattern matching to help you drill through your site page.

-Data can be extracted from Web 2.0 dynamic websites that are difficult to crawl.

· Can provide third-party automatic decapture services or manual input assistance to target website CAPTCHA protection.

3. Cheerio

Cheerio is a server-specific tool that easily parses HTML. With an API similar to jQuery, developers familiar with jQuery can immediately use Cheerio to parse HTML. It’s very fast and provides a lot of convenience for extracting text, html, id, etc.


-Can parse almost any HTML or XML document.

-Analysis, manipulation, and rendering are very efficient.

・ Can be described like jQuery


ScrapeHero offers a fully managed, enterprise-class web scraping service based in the United States. It performs web crawls, data extraction, automatic quality checks, and provides structured data that can be used. Customers include Fortune 50 startups and everyone in between.


・ Data quality check using artificial intelligence

· Thousands of alerts are monitored daily to avoid interruptions in delivery data delivery

· Providing a huge browser farm for handling complex websites

5. Visual Scraper

VisualScraper is a visual tool used for automatic web scraping, content extraction from the internet, and web harvesting. The software automatically scans websites and collects data such as product catalogs and search results.


· You can schedule the project to run at a specific time

· Data can be exported with any format option via Amazon S3, FTP, or email

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