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5 Programming Games for Beginners(2) | Web Scraping Tool | ScrapeStorm

2022-04-22 16:25:13

Abstract:This article will introduce 5 programming games for beginners. ScrapeStormFree Download

1. Cyber Dojo

Cyber-dojo is a place for programmers to practice programming. Support JavaScript, Java, Python, PHP, Ruby and other languages.


Source code:


2. Elevator Saga

Elevator programming game, you need to solve problems step by step. For example, the first level is to transport 15 people in 60 seconds. (Programming language is JavaScript)




3. Code Hunt

Code Hunt is an HTML5 sci-fi themed game developed by Microsoft Research. In this game, you play as a code hunter tasked with fixing the code and making it return the expected result. Code Hunt supports both Java and C# languages. You can learn programming concepts including algorithms, loops, and conditional expressions.



4. Human Resource Machine

Human Resource Machine is a visual programming-based puzzle video game developed by Tomorrow Corporation.

Although the game is a puzzle-solving route, the gameplay is quite novel: the player will play an employee who starts from the grassroots level, and needs to write a program through the instruction code, complete the tasks of each stage, and finally embark on the peak of the workplace.



5. Codewars

Codewars is an educational community for computer programming. On the platform, software developers train on programming challenges known as kata. These discrete programming exercises train a range of skills in a variety of programming languages, and are completed within an online integrated development environment.



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