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Data Query | Web Scraping Tool | ScrapeStorm

2023-12-20 17:21:41

Abstract:Data Query is a language used to perform data queries in relational databases. ScrapeStormFree Download

ScrapeStorm is a powerful, no-programming, easy-to-use artificial intelligence web scraping tool.


Data Query is a language used to perform data queries in relational databases. It allows users to retrieve data from the database and filter, sort, and analyze it as needed. Data Query has a specific set of syntax rules that users can use to construct effective query statements.

Applicable Scene

Data Query is suitable for retrieving, analyzing, filtering, sorting, and associating data from databases, as well as for various scenarios of data export and import.

Pros: Including flexibility, scalability, ease of use, and powerful query functions, it can meet various data query and analysis needs.

Cons: The learning curve is steep and may pose some difficulty for beginners. At the same time, for complex data queries and processing needs, more advanced skills and experience may be required.


1. Query data in the table.

2. Query multiple fields.

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