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2024-05-14 19:19:36

Abstract:Shixiseng is an online platform in China that specializes in providing internship information and job search services. ScrapeStormFree Download

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Shixiseng is an online platform in China that specializes in providing internship information and job search services. Committed to providing internship and job opportunities for college students, recent graduates and job seekers. The platform brings together internship positions and employment opportunities from all walks of life, including but not limited to the Internet, finance, education, manufacturing and other fields.

Applicable Scene

Shixiseng is a great place to find internship opportunities and professional development. College students and students about to graduate can find internship positions related to their majors on this platform, accumulate work experience and prepare for future employment. Shixiseng not only provides internship opportunities, but also full-time job recruitment information. Job seekers can use the platform to find job opportunities that suit them.

Pros: Shixiseng brings together internships and jobs from all walks of life, providing users with a wealth of choices. Users can filter positions by keywords, regions, industries and other conditions, and submit applications directly on the platform. It will recommend qualified internship and job opportunities to users based on their resume and job search intentions.

Cons: Due to the large number of positions available for Shixiseng, users need to compete with a large number of competitors, and it may not be easy to get the position you want. Although it works hard to screen and review job information, there may still be some false or inaccurate information, and users need to be cautious.


1. Shixiseng’s homepage.

2. Shixiseng’s enterprise page.

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