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Can ScrapeStorm scrape any website? | Web Scraping Tool | ScrapeStorm

2023-05-09 16:11:39

Abstract:Answer to "Can ScrapeStorm scrape any website?" ScrapeStormFree Download


Can ScrapeStorm scrape any website?


ScrapeStorm supports scraping of most websites. There are 2 scraping methods:

Smart Mode: Based on the artificial intelligence algorithm, it can intelligently detect list data and pagination buttons just by entering the URL.

Please refer to the tutorial on the official website:

Smart Mode Basic operational procedures

Flowchart mode: Just click on the page according to the software prompts, which is completely in line with the way of thinking of people browsing the web.

Please refer to the tutorial on the official website:

Flowchart mode Basic operational procedures

Tips: In order to protect your privacy, all your tasks and configurations are stored in the cloud in an encrypted form, and no one but you can view the specific content. The account password you entered during the scraping process and your collection results are stored on your local computer. But please strictly abide by the relevant laws and regulations. If ScrapeStorm officially receives any reports about illegal scraping, the account will be blocked immediately.

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