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5 Easy-to-use and Efficient Phython Tools | Web Scraping Tool | ScrapeStorm

2020-08-27 19:50:20

Abstract:This article will introduce 5 tools that bring a lot of convenience to some developments. ScrapeStormFree Download

You need to be well prepared to do things. Great tools can make your work a lot more efficient and help your ideas come to life more conveniently. The text introduces tools that bring a lot of convenience to some developments.


1.Python Tutor

Python Tutor is a free educational tool developed by Philip Guo. It overcomes the fundamental obstacles of programming learning and helps to understand the process of each line of computer source code when the program is executed. This tool allows you to edit Python code directly in your web browser and gradually run your program visually. If you don’t know how to execute your code in memory, you can copy it to Tutor for visual execution and better understand it.

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IPython is a special Python interactive shell. IPython also supports automatic variable completion, automatic indentation, bash shell commands, and many built-in functions, making it the platform of choice for scientific computing and interactive visualization.

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3.Jupyter Notebook

Jupyter Notebook is like a draft book that combines text annotations, formulas, code and visualization content to display as a web page, making documents easy to share. An essential tool for data analysis and machine learning.

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Python is great, but you can run into various package management and Python version issues all the time. In particular, many packages on the Windows platform will not install properly. Anaconda is here to solve these problems. Anoconda includes a package management tool, a Python management environment, and comes with a number of commonly used data science packages that are also standards for data analysis.

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Sculpt Sculpt is an online python execution environment implemented in JavaScript. You can easily execute Python code in your browser. Combined with the CodeMirror editor, it provides a basic online Python editing and execution environment.

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