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2024-04-25 17:04:36

Abstract:Hupu Community is a professional direct cultural community focusing on sports events and daily life. ScrapeStormFree Download

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Hupu Community is a professional direct cultural community focusing on sports events and daily life. It is committed to providing users with rich live sports events, videos, news and other content, while building an active forum communication environment. The Hupu community covers major sports events such as NBA, Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, French Ligue 1, Bundesliga, Chinese Super League, Champions League, and AFC Champions League, as well as popular e-sports projects such as game e-sports and League of Legends. Users can watch high-definition and smooth live broadcasts of events here, participate in event discussions, and share their opinions and experiences.

Applicable Scene

Hupu community is suitable for users who love sports events, seek communication and interaction, obtain professional sports information, and participate in online and offline activities. It provides users with a comprehensive, rich and interesting sports culture exchange platform.

Pros: Focus on the construction of user experience and community atmosphere, and improve the convenience and comfort of users’ browsing and communication by continuously optimizing website design and functions. At the same time, the Hupu community also actively carries out online and offline activities to strengthen interaction and communication among users, creating a friendly, positive and healthy community atmosphere.

Cons: The forum atmosphere is becoming increasingly tense, and discussions among users often fall into confrontation and quarrels, resulting in fewer useful exchanges and affecting the overall quality and user experience of the community.


1. Hupu community homepage.

2. Hupu community topic page.

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