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2024-04-23 19:03:31
116 views is one of China's largest online dating and dating platforms. ScrapeStormFree Download

ScrapeStorm is a powerful, no-programming, easy-to-use artificial intelligence web scraping tool.

Introduction is one of China’s largest online dating and dating platforms. It was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in Beijing. is a dating platform for singles, aiming to help users find suitable partners, including marriage partners, lovers or friends.

Applicable Scene is a platform focused on dating and dating, where users can find long-term, stable relationships, including marriage partners or lovers. In addition to finding love partners, also provides opportunities for making friends and socializing. Users can make new friends and expand their social circle. often organizes various offline blind dates, bachelor parties, etc. to provide users with more opportunities to communicate and get to know each other.

Pros: has a large user base, and users can have more choices and opportunities to find the right partner. The platform uses an intelligent matching algorithm to recommend objects to users that better meet their requirements based on their personal information and preferences. regularly holds various offline activities to provide users with more social and communication opportunities.

Cons: adopts a paid membership system, and certain advanced functions and services require payment. Due to the large number of users on the platform, there are a certain number of false or untrue personal information, and users need to be careful to identify them. The anonymity of the platform is high, and users may have difficulty confirming each other’s true identity and motives, which poses certain security risks.


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