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2024-04-23 19:28:51

Abstract:eLong is one of China's largest online travel service providers. It was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Beijing. ScrapeStormFree Download

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eLong is one of China’s largest online travel service providers. It was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Beijing. eLong is one of China’s leading online travel booking platforms, providing hotel booking, air ticket booking, vacation product booking and other services. Users can book various travel products through the eLong website or mobile application, including domestic and foreign hotels, air tickets, vacation packages, train tickets, etc.

Applicable Scene

Users can search and compare air ticket prices and flight information of different airlines on the eLong platform, and easily book air tickets that suit them. Elong also provides a variety of vacation products, such as independent travel, group tours, cruise tours, etc., to meet the different vacation needs of users.

Pros: eLong provides a rich selection of travel products, covering hotels, air tickets, vacations and other aspects to meet the different travel needs of users. Users can book travel products anytime and anywhere through the eLong website or mobile application, which is simple and convenient. The eLong platform usually provides some preferential activities and special products, and users can book travel products at relatively favorable prices through eLong.

Cons: Since the eLong platform is an online booking platform, hotel, flight and other information may not be updated in a timely manner or may be inconsistent with the actual situation. Users need to verify the information carefully. Different hotels, airlines and other suppliers have different cancellation and change policies. Users need to read the relevant terms carefully when booking to avoid unnecessary losses.


1. The homepage of eLong.

2. eLong Hotel search page.

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