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【Smart Mode】How to scrape a single-type web page

2018-10-15 19:33:26

Abstract:This tutorial introduce what a single type is and how to quickly extract a single type of data using ScrapeStorm.

1. What kind of webpage belongs to a single-type web page

Sometimes we need to scrape a single news content, a certain answer content, a blog or a notice announcement, etc. These pages belong to a single-type web page, and can also be called a web page of the details page content.

2. How to scrape a single-type web page
If we need to scrape these single-type web pages, we need to apply a single-type of functionality to ScrapeStorm.

In Smart Mode, ScrapeStorm will recognize by list type by default. If you enter a single-type web page url, the system will recognize failed. You can follow the system prompts, or  manually set the fields to be scraped. After the settings are completed, data scraping can be performed.


If we need to collect the entire content of the article, we need to move the mouse to the lower right corner of the entire article to click (as shown in the above image), to ensure that the entire article is selected.

If you only click on a certain paragraph, you can only collect the contents of this paragraph.

In short, the selected content after the selection can be collected.