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【Getting Started】Novice must see

2018-09-27 09:53:04

Abstract:This article is a must-read tutorial for beginners, designed to give you some software usage guidance, so that everyone can master the use of ScrapeStorm faster.


Thank you for choosing ScrapeStorm.

ScrapeStorm is a new generation of Web Scraping Tool based on artificial intelligence technology. It is the first scraper to support both Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

To help you master how to operate faster, we have an official tutorial for you, which is divided into three parts:

Getting Started:

Introduce the basic situation of our web scraper, the basic settings of the software installation and use and the explanation of some nouns, you can click here to view all the articles under this category.

Main Features:

Introduce all the features of our web scraper. All the features involved in the process can be found here. You can click here to view all the articles under this category.


We have published some scraping cases for websites in the form of graphics or video. There are also downloads of scraping rules, you can click here to view all articles under this category.


If you want to have a quick understanding of the flow of our software, we have prepared two video cases, you can also start here:

【Smart Mode】The first scraping case

【Flowchart Mode】The first scraping case


Thank you again for your support and wish you a pleasant experience.