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【Smart Mode】How to scrape a list-type web page

2018-10-15 19:30:43

Abstract:This tutorial introduces what is a list-type web page and how to use ScrapeStorm's Smart Mode to extract data from a list-type web page.

1. What kind of page is a list-type web page?

A page of a list-type is a web page in which content pages having the same elements are arranged in a linear order,as shown in the following figure:

2. How to extract a list-type web page?
In Smart Mode, ScrapeStorm automatically recognizes list-type web pages and automatically sets the extracted data fields. If the extracted fields identified by ScrapeStorm do not meet the requirements, the user can set the required extraction fields according to the system prompts, or manually set the fields according to their own needs.

(1) The system automatically recognizes and sets the extracted field.

(2) If the recognition effect does not meet the requirements, set the extraction field according to the prompt of the system.

(3) Manually extracting fields