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【Smart Mode】What is the role of switching browser mode

2018-10-15 19:29:46

Abstract:This tutorial is mainly for you to introduce the role of switching browser mode settings in Smart Mode.

In Smart Mode of ScrapeStorm, we can set the browser mode in the smart recognition window. As shown below:

ScrapeStorm supports three browser modes:
(1) PC browser mode
(2) HTTP mode
(3) iPhone browser mode

So how do you choose these three?
First of all, the difference between PC browser mode and iPhone browser mode is that the content of some web pages differs between PC browser and iPhone browser mode. If the data you need to extract is only available in one of these two browser modes, you can switch to the appropriate browser mode and start scraping.

In HTTP mode, the software does not need to open the web link when scraping data, so the scraping speed will be faster. But this mode is not suitable for web pages with delayed loading or scroll loading.
Using Amazon as an example, the page of Amazon will be delayed loading, and data cannot be scraped in HTTP mode: