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【2023】Top 10 Best Web Scraping Tools for Data Extraction | Web Scraping Tool | ScrapeStorm

2023-05-22 10:55:12

Abstract:This article will introduce the top10 best web scraping tools in 2023. ScrapeStormFree Download

Web scraping tools are designed to grab the information needed on the website. Such tools can save a lot of time for data extraction.

Here is a list of 10 recommended tools with better functionality and effectiveness.

1. ScrapeStorm

ScrapeStorm is an AI-Powered visual web scraping tool,which can be used to extract data from almost any websites without writing any code.
It is powerful and very easy to use. You only need to enter the URLs, it can intelligently identify the content and next page button, no complicated configuration, one-click scraping.
ScrapeStorm is a desktop app available for Windows, Mac, and Linux users. You can download the results in various formats including Excel, HTML, Txt and CSV. Moreover, you can export data to databases and websites.

1) Intelligent identification

2) IP Rotation and Verification Code Identification

3) Data Processing and Deduplication

4) File Download

5) Scheduled task

6) Automatic Export

7) RESTful API and Webhook

8) Automatic Identification of E-commerce SKU and big images


1) Easy to use

2) Fair price

3) Visual point and click operation

4) All systems supported


No cloud services


Scrapinghub is the developer-focused web scraping platform to offer several useful services to extract structured information from the Internet.
Scrapinghub has four major tools – Scrapy Cloud, Portia, Crawlera, and Splash.

1) Allows you to converts the entire web page into organized content
2) JS on-page support toggle
3) Handling Captchas

1) Offer a collection of IP addresses covered more than 50 countries which is a solution for IP ban problems
2) The temporal charts were very useful
3) Handling login forms
4) The free plan retains extracted data in cloud for 7 days

1) No Refunds
2) Not easy to use and needs to add many extensive add-ons
3) Can not process heavy sets of data

Web Scraping & intelligent automation tool for professionals. is the most developed web scraping tool which enables businesses to extract and transform data from any web source through with leading automation and intelligent mining technology. allows you to scrape or interact with data from any website with human precision. Advanced feature and APIs helps you transform and combine data into powerfull datasets or solutions.

1) Provide several integrations out of the box
2) Automatically de-duplicate data before sending it to your own systems.
3) Provide the tools when robots fail

1) No coding required
2) Agents creation services available

1) Difficult for non-developers
2) Trouble in Robot Debugging

Diffbot allows you to get various type of useful data from the web without the hassle. You don’t need to pay the expense of costly web scraping or doing manual research. The tool will enable you to exact structured data from any URL with AI extractors.

1) Query with a Powerful, Precise Language
2) Offers multiple sources of data
3) Provide support to extract structured data from any URL with AI Extractors
4) Comprehensive Knowledge Graph

1) Can discover relationship between entities
2) Batch Processing
3) Can query and get the exact answers you need

1) Initial output is complex
2) Require a lot of cleaning before being usable


Mozenda provides technology, delivered as either software (SaaS and on-premise options) or as a managed service, that allows people to capture unstructured web data, convert it into a structured format, then “publish and format it in a way that companies can use.”
Mozenda Provides: 1) Cloud-hosted software 2) On-premise software 3) Data Services Over 15 years of experience, Mozenda enables you to automate web data extraction from any website.

1) Scrape websites through different geographical locations.
2) API Acces
3) Point-and-click interface
4) Receive email alerts when agents run successfully


1) Visual interface
2) Comprehensive Action Bar
3) Multi-threaded extraction and smart data aggregation

1) Unstable when dealing with large websites
2) A bit expensive


ParseHub is a visual data extraction tool that anyone can use to get data from the web. You’ll never have to write a web scraper again and can easily create APIs from websites that don’t have them. ParseHub can handle interactive maps, calendars, search, forums, nested comments, infinite scrolling, authentication, dropdowns, forms, Javascript, Ajax and much more with ease. ParseHub offer both a free plan for everyone and custom enterprise plans for massive data extraction.

1) Scheduled Runs
2) Automatic IP rotation
3) Interactive websites (AJAX & JavaScript)
4) Dropbox integration
5) API & Web-hooks

1) Dropbox, S3 integration
2) Support multiple systems
3) Data aggregation from multiple websites

1) Free Program Limited
2) Complex user interface

The API provides easy to integrate, high quality data and meta-data, from hundreds of thousands of global online sources like message boards, blogs, reviews, news and more.
Available either by query based API or via firehose, API provides low latency with high coverage data, with an efficient dynamic ability to add new sources at record time.

1) Get structured, machine-readable datasets in JSON and XML formats
2) Helps you to access a massive repository of data feeds without paying any extra fees
3) Can conduct granular analyze

1) Query system is simple to use and consistent across data providers
2) Consistent across data providers
1) Has a bit of learning curve
2) Not for businesses and Enterprises

WebHarvy lets you easily extract data from websites to your computer. No programming/scripting knowledge required, WebHarvy works with all websites. You may use WebHarvy to extract data from product listings/eCommerce websites, yellow pages, real estate listings, social networks, forums etc. WebHarvy lets you select the data which you need using mouse clicks, its incredibly easy to use. Scrapes data from multiple pages of listings, following each link.

1) Point and click interface
2) Safeguard Privacy

1) Visual interface
2) No coding required

1) Slow speed
2) May lose data after several days of scrapping
3) Scrapping stop from time to time

9. Outwit

OutWit Hub is a Web data extraction software application designed to automatically extract information from online or local resources. It recognizes and grabs links, images, documents, contacts, recurring vocabulary and phrases, rss feeds and converts structured and unstructured data into formatted tables which can be exported to spreadsheets or databases.


1) Recognition and extraction of links, email addresses, structured & non-structured data, RSS news
2) Extraction & download of images and documents
3) Automated browsing with user-defined Web exploration rules
4) Macro automation
5) Periodical job execution


1) No coding required

2) simplistic graphic user interface


1) Lack of a point-and-click interface

2) Tutorials need to be improved

10. is an efficient tool to scrape data from a URL. It works particularly well on product pages where it collects all you need to know: image, product title, product price, product description, stock, delivery costs, EAN, product category, brand, colour, etc… You can also use it to check your ranking on google and improve your SEO. Use the Live test on their Home page to test without coding.

1) JS rendering (Headless Chrome)
2) High quality proxies
3) Full Page HTML
4) Geotargeting

1) Allows for large bulk scraping needs
2) Free basic usage monthly plan
3) Parsed data for ecommerce product pages (price, currency, EAN, etc.)

1) Not adapted for non-developers
2) API: No user interface

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