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7 Free Statistics and Report Download Sites | Web Scraping Tool | ScrapeStorm

2024-01-31 10:26:24

Abstract:This article will introduce some data reporting websites. ScrapeStormFree Download

ScrapeStorm is an AI-Powered visual web scraping tool,which can be used to extract data from almost any websites without writing any code.

This article will introduce some free statistics and report download websites.



2. UN Comtrade Database

Free query of global customs big data.


3. Data USA

If you want to have a comprehensive understanding of all kinds of data in the United States, this website is the best. You can view all of the United States:

State/County/City/Town/Town/Village Data
Data by industry
Various occupational data
University data, etc.
Feel free to view the data of a certain continent


4. Deloitte



The most luxurious free economic database-the United States Federal Reserve Economic Database, with a powerful search engine, it has more than 690,000 economic time series from 89 sources. The data can be viewed or downloaded in the form of graphics and text, and can be used on mobile devices View on


6. Index Mundi

If you want to do business in a certain country, you can see the country’s geographic location information, demographic data, government information, economy, energy, telecommunications, transportation, military, environment, and health through this website. Data and information


7. Nation Master

This website is full of 305 countries and 300 vertical industries with various data, gathering people from all over the world who are passionate about statistics.

So far, Nation Master has developed into an association of creators and users of statistics.

ScrapeStorm supports collecting data and downloading files. After you use ScrapeStorm to collect data, you can perform data statistics and generate reports on the above websites.

Disclaimer: This article is contributed by our user. Please advise to remove immediately if any infringement caused.

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