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Baisou Video( | Web Scraping Tool | ScrapeStorm

2024-02-07 16:22:08

Abstract:Baisou Video (formerly "Baidu Video") is a video search platform developed by Baidu. ScrapeStormFree Download

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Baisou Video (formerly “Baidu Video”) is a video search platform developed by Baidu. It provides personalized video content services to netizens through Baisou Video official App and other products. As one of the industry’s leading Chinese video search engines, Baisou Video has a large number of Chinese video resources, including high-definition movies, TV series, cartoons, variety shows, anime and other popular content, which can meet users’ different video viewing needs.

Applicable Scene

Baisou Video is suitable for a variety of scenarios. Whether users are watching movies online, leisurely and entertainment, studying and recharging, or traveling, it can provide them with a variety of video content and services.

Pros: Massive video resources cover movies, TV series, variety shows and other types to meet the diverse needs of users; at the same time, it provides intelligent and convenient screen projection functions, making the viewing experience even better.

Cons: In some specific content or specific scenarios, compared with other video platforms, Baisou Video may have insufficient resources or insufficient user experience.


1. Baisou video’s home page.

2. Baisou Video rankings.

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