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2021-11-25 10:40:39

Abstract: ScrapeStormFree Download

Programming has become a necessary part of almost every industry known to mankind, and now more and more people have begun their programming journey.

If you are learning programming, then I can tell you a good way to improve your skills, that is to dare to solve the problems encountered in the coding process. Solving different types of puzzles can help you become an excellent problem solver.


1. TopCoder

This website can be said to be a programming competition website, supported by nearly one million programmers. The website has two online online competitions every week, and new rankings of contestants are made based on the results of the competition. Participants can use their code editor to complete the challenge directly online. Ranked according to the length of time the contestants completed.

Top-ranked users on TopCoder are very potential programmers, and they will regularly participate in various competitions. These users can also publish some articles about programming competitions, algorithms, mathematics, etc. through the blog platform named “ALGORITHMS WEEKLY BY PETR MITRICHEV”.


2. Coderbyte

Coderbyte is a web application with a large collection of coding
challenges and algorithm tutorials that helps people practice their programming skills and prepare for coding interviews. In addition to the official solutions released by Coderbyte, users can also view solutions provided by other users.


3. Project Euler

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Project Euler provides a lot of challenges in the fields of computer science and mathematics. Project Euler is probably the most popular programming challenge website in the world. They are not difficult to set up. Instead, they require critical thinking and problem solving to help you grow and learn the language you use.

You cannot code directly in the editor on the website, so you need to write a solution on your computer and submit the solution on their website.


4. HackerRank

HackerRank provides challenges in many different fields, such as algorithms, mathematics, SQL, functional programming, artificial intelligence, and so on.

HackerRank has also set up a discussion and leadership committee for each challenge, and most of the challenges come from an editorial, which explains more challenges and how to approach it to propose solutions.

HackerRank also supports users to submit applications, which can be applied to work and solve the challenges of company-sponsored coding.



Sphere Online Judge (SPOJ) is an online judging system that provides more than 20,000 programming challenges. It supports all programming languages you can think of, and there is an excellent and active community forum behind it. The user can submit the code directly through the online editor. SPOJ also held its own competition, and users are free to discuss programming challenges. However, they currently do not provide any official solutions or editorials like other websites.

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