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【Flowchart Mode】How to implement "Scrape Into"

2019-02-01 22:47:07

Abstract:This tutorial shows how to implement "scrape into" in the flowchart mode. No Programming Needed. Visual Operation. ScrapeStormFree Download

In the Smart Mode, we scraping data of the detail page through the “Scrape Into” function, but in the Flowchart Mode, how to implement this function?

In the Flowchart Mode, we can set a “LoopClick + Extract Data” components to scrape the data on the detail page.

1. Click on the software prompt to automatically generate components

Click on the element in the page, then click on “Click the elements in turn” in the software promptd.
The “Loop + Extract Data + Click” components will automatically generated.

Then drag the “Extract Data” component from below and place it behind the “Click” component.

If you don’t need to scrape the contents of the list page, you can delete the “Extract Data” component in front of the “Click” component.

2. Manual drag components

Drag the components as shown below and then combine them together.