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ScrapeStorm Ends 2018 with 2 Quality Certificates for Business Intelligence Software from Trusted Platform for SaaS Reviews | Web Scraping Tool | ScrapeStorm

2019-08-15 19:53:25

Abstract:They say ScrapeStorm is the easiest and the smartest web scraping application ever created ScrapeStormFree Download

The ScrapeStorm team is incredibly honored to end 2018 with a bang.

ScrapeStorm, the AI-powered online data scraping solution, garnered the Premium Usability and Rising Star quality certificates for 2018 from FinancesOnline, a popular software review platform visited by over 2.2 million users every month. Furthermore, we are pleased to be included in their list of top business intelligence software companies.

FinancesOnline’s experts were greatly impressed with ScrapeStorm’s usability. As stated in their ScrapeStorm overview, the software is quite simple and straightforward to use, so much so that they have described it as “the easiest and the smartest web scraping application ever created.” With ScrapeStorm, no coding is required to extract data from all available pages.

The FinancesOnline experts also labeled ScrapeStorm as a highly intuitive and powerful solution. Its AI can “instantly recognize data types” and create and modify visualizations accordingly.

Web page crawling is another feature that sets ScrapeStorm from other scraping solutions. Users can effortlessly accomplish their tasks thanks to its several crawling methods and supported file formats.

The online data scraping solution also earned FinancesOnline’s Verified Quality Seal, indicating that it’s a reliable brand that have passed the quality standards of FinancesOnline’s experts.

Visit FinancesOnline to learn more about why is business intelligence software useful for your company and to read the full review on ScrapeStorm.

Of course, if you have been using ScrapeStorm, we hope that you can share your comments by posting user comments.

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