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2024-02-28 15:29:32
75 views is one of the most influential original literary websites for women in mainland China. ScrapeStormFree Download

ScrapeStorm is a powerful, no-programming, easy-to-use artificial intelligence web scraping tool.

Introduction is one of the most influential original literary websites for women in mainland China. It was founded on August 1, 2003. It is famous for original online novels such as Danmei and Love. It mainly provides novels independently created by netizens. In addition to online reading, also provides diversified services such as publishing and mobile reading apps.

Applicable Scene is mainly suitable for users who like to read or create romance novels, urban novels, fantasy novels, pure love novels, lily novels, light novels and derivative novels.

Pros: With female-oriented original literature as its core, it has a large female readership and rich and diverse work types, especially beauty and romance works that are very popular. It also pays attention to copyright protection and author welfare, providing a good creative environment for authors.

Cons: Some works may have quality problems and readers need to screen them by themselves. At the same time, competition is fierce, making it difficult for newcomers and works to get enough exposure and attention. Sometimes review standards may be strict, restricting the release of some content.


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