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2024-02-28 15:29:05

Abstract:Zhihu is a Chinese Internet Q&A community and original content platform where creators gather. ScrapeStormFree Download

ScrapeStorm is a powerful, no-programming, easy-to-use artificial intelligence web scraping tool.


Zhihu is a Chinese Internet Q&A community and original content platform where creators gather. Founded in 2010. With its mission of “allowing people to better share knowledge, experience and insights and find their own answers”, it is committed to connecting intellectuals from all walks of life and providing users with professional, authoritative and valuable answers. It has become an important part of China’s Internet culture and has extensive influence and user groups around the world.

Applicable Scene

Zhihu’s applicable scenarios are very diverse and can meet the needs of users in different fields and situations. Whether it is to obtain professional knowledge, assist in creation, solve life problems, or participate in social discussions, learning and communication, Zhihu can provide users with valuable content and services.

Pros: Zhihu is a community that brings together professional knowledge and diverse viewpoints. Users can find authoritative and in-depth content here, and at the same time, they can participate in meaningful topic discussions, walk with wise people, and expand their horizons and knowledge.

Cons: The quality of content on Zhihu varies. In some fields, there may be insufficient professionalism or outdated information. At the same time, some users may face the challenge of information overload and difficulty in filtering. In addition, Zhihu’s community atmosphere and rules may also create certain thresholds and restrictions for novice users.


1. The homepage of Zhihu.

2. Zhihu Zhixuetang.

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