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【Smart mode】How to scrape data from an iPhone webpage

2018-09-18 16:50:46

Abstract:This tutorial shows how to scrape data from an iPhone web page.

In smart mode, when a user creates a new collection task, ScrapeStorm collects the webpage of the PC browser by default, but because the content of the webpage may be different in different browser modes, some content on the iPhone browser cannot be displayed on the PC browser.

In order to solve this problem, the ScrapeStorm team developed a switch browser function, we can click the “PC Browser” icon in the upper right corner to switch browser mode, the web page can display different content. In this way, we can scrape data in different browser modes.

Let’s take the phone of Groupon’s store as an example. It shows that the data scraped by the software is different in different browser modes.

In PC browser mode, we can see the store’s landline number on the webpage.

We switch to the IPhone browser mode, the webpage will also become the webpage displayed in the iPhone browser, and the number we scraped from the landline number becomes the mobile phone number.